Lilliana S. Didovic

GORDAN Art & Design Studio

Philadelphia, city that LOVES you back

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My art is reflection of my own journey in life. I was born in the former Yugoslavia (Sibenik, Croatia). In 1992, I escaped the war in my homeland (Sarajevo, Bosnia) and was granted political asylum in the United States for my family and me. En route to our exile in America, we stopped in Philadelphia, where we found our new place in the Sun. This city, where we made our new home and where my son's life has been saved so many times, has become a theme and inspiration for my paintings. My life, which has been full of surprises and is very difficult to describe in words, is visible in the colors I use for my art - brave, dynamic and unpredictable. Done in acrylic, on canvas or black drawing paper, my paintings show a celebration of life and existence. I am spreading that celebration all over the world, with my art included in private collections in Europe, Australia, South America, Israel, Hong-Kong, China and throughout the United States.

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